Woman’s Missionary Council President

“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

Our theme for this year was “God’s Gift to Us…..Youth.” We have focused on our youth through prayer, encouragement, studying, Sunday school, Epworth League, Vacation Bible School, camps, and retreats, with the hope of our youth one day serving the Lord with their talents because they are an important part of God’s Kingdom.

The WMC Executive Committee met in January of 2015 in Birmingham, Alabama. We went over our goals and planned as much as we could for the remainder of 2014-2015 Conference Year and began planning for the 2015-2016 Conference Year.

The Woman’s Missionary Council has a suggested Plan of Work that we encourage all societies to follow. Each Conference may have other approved works that may be included. The members have given generously during this year supporting Foreign Missions with special gifts and support. We continue to partner with our missionaries by providing the Mission Supply Room, the Clothing Fund, and the Missionary Kid Fund for scholarships. We also support the three ministries (Haiti, India, and Philippines). We supported the Southern Methodist College through special offerings, scholarships, and college projects. Our Home Missions vary each year and some are chosen by each conference (Boy’s Farm, Youth Coordinator, Vice-President’s Projects, and other mission projects). They also contributed to the Mission Action project, dues, The Communicator with fees and written articles, and Emphasis month. The devotionals for our Woman’s Missionary Society Devotional Book were written by members of the AFG Conference and the Special Programs by the Eastern Conference. They were provided to each Society at no cost to them by the WMC. We have one student receiving the MK Scholarship. She is Stephanie Tittiris.

The Woman’s Missionary Society is comprised of four conferences, AFG, Eastern, Mid-South, and South-Western. We have at this time the reporting of three conferences. We have 354 members and 50 Societies. The reported contributions are $55,445.00. These numbers will change as more reports are sent in. I want to thank each member and each officer at all levels for the great things that you have done to promote missions.

The WMC has provided the 2015-2016 WMS Devotional Books to all societies at no cost. The 2014 Handbook is still available to member for the cost of $10.00. This Handbook will be our guide until the next General Conference. We also have some Combined Journals if you need one at $15.00 each.

I have edited The Communicator four times this past year. I am thankful for those who sent in articles. It is a joy to read what has been accomplished in the conferences. Also I am truly grateful to Jean Clark at Foundry Press for helping me.

The WMC Retreat is being planned for April 21-13, 2016 at Shocco Springs Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama. Ladies, we are looking forward to seeing you there.

I have represented the WMS by serving and attending meetings on the General Conference Board of Administration on Foreign Missions and as a member of the Southern Methodist College Board. I attended the SMC Annual Fund Raising Dinner, the Eastern Conference WMS Retreat, WMS Executive meetings, their five District meetings, and donated to the Teen Girls’ Retreat. I am also active in my society.

In conclusion, we ask that you pray for us. We are Women with a Mission because People Need the Lord.

Respectively submitted,
Betty Tindall

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