Epworth League

The Epworth League is recognized as the official youth work of the church, and is to be operated by The General Board of the Epworth League according to the constitution granted by The General Conference.

“All For Christ” — I will make it my practice to read the Bible and pray at some specified hour each day, to be faithful in attending the services of my own church, and will endeavor, each week, to bring someone to the church service or otherwise do some personal work for the salvation of souls.

Purple and White for royalty and purity.

The Epworth League was founded on May 14th, 1889 to help develop godliness and loyalty to God and our Church among the young people. It is the first denominational youth work in the history of the Christian Church.

The purpose of the Epworth League shall be to make disciples for Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).

This shall be achieved by:
1.  Reaching youth for Jesus Christ.
2.  Instructing them in the Word of God and the doctrines of the Southern Methodist Church.
3.  Building them up in Christian faith and in holy character.
4.  Incorporating them into the life and ministry of the church.
5.  Equipping them to advance the mission of the Church.
6.  Mobilizing them to reach their world for Christ.PURPOSE

For more information please visit the Epworth League website: http://smcepworth.com.
Also please visit our camp website: http://www.mysmc.org.

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