Southern Methodist Foreign Missions

Classifications of Global Workers

(For the security of our global workers, we do not list their names and locations where they are serving.)


The primary goal of the missionary’s calling should be the salvation and discipleship of lost humanity.  While the missionary may have abilities for defined ministries such as teaching, literacy, translation, medical, maintenance, etc., his ultimate goal shall be to provide others with a strong, scriptural foundation through the teaching, preaching, and living of the principles of God’s Word. All Southern Methodist Foreign Missionaries must be sent out under an approved sending agency

Ministry Partner

A Ministry Partner has fulfilled most, but not all, of the requirements to be a Southern Methodist Missionary. A Ministry Partner may not meet educational requirements, ministry assignment requirements, or other prerequisite requirements as outlined in the Southern Methodist Foreign Missions Policy Handbook, but can still be eligible to be a Ministry Partner if he has fulfilled most of them.

International Ministry

An International Ministry is a theologically like-minded ministry located outside the borders of the United States and may include a pastor, an evangelist, another Christian worker, a church, a definable group of churches, or a denomination located outside of the United States that has at minimum a Memorandum of Understanding with The Southern Methodist Church.  The International Ministry may also have a member of the clergy of The Southern Methodist Church as its leader. International Ministries are not formal works of The Southern Methodist Church as the denomination is not incorporated outside of the United States

For more information, contact the Foreign Missions Office at 803-268-1353 or by email at

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