Introducing Our New President

Rev. Walter R. Pigott

 Rev. and Mrs. Rick (Gale) Pigott in front of the theme for the New Conference Year

Rev. Walter R. Pigott (Bro. Rick) grew up in a small community outside of Meridian, Mississippi known as Pine Springs. Around the age of 11, Rick began to attend the nearby Pine Springs Southern Methodist Church. The church nurtured and discipled him throughout his youth as he worshiped, studied, and participated in the Epworth League Program.

As a rising junior in high school, Rick surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ on a Sunday morning in July, under the revival preaching of Rev. Frank M. Beauchamp. From that point on, everything about his life was transformed to this very day. He served in various capacities of the Pine Springs church.  Later, he married his wife Gale and graduated from college.

After his marriage and upon graduation from Mississippi State with a degree in Marketing and Management, he went to work with Burlington Industries in their Junior Management program. Five years later, the Lord called him into the ministry through some very unusual circumstances to validate the genuineness of the call. 

Together Rick and Gale served the members of the Antioch SMC in the Martin community for eight blessed years. A particular blessing was that several of the members of Antioch were in his high school graduating class. 

Through a chain of unusual events, the Holy Spirit led the Pigotts to move to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They served the Wesley SMC fellowship for 35 incredibly blessed years.

Presently, Rick and Gale have been called by the Lord, affirmed by The Southern Methodist Church membership and the Holy Spirit, to move into a different area of service. He currently serves the Lord in the capacity of President of The Southern Methodist Church.

Upcoming Events

August 19, 2023

Eastern Conference BOA Meets–Carrier Conference Center at 9:00

September 8-10, 2023
Eastern Annual Conference Women’s Retreat (more information to follow)
September 12, 2023
College Board Meeting, Amite, LA
September 13-14, 2023
GCBOA Meeting, Amite, LA
October 14-21, 2023
TMI Mission Trip to Santa Cruz, Honduras
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