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The Southern Methodist Church is a conservative denomination with churches located in the southeastern part of the United States.


With approximately 85 churches and 3,200 members located from Maryland to Florida, South Carolina to Texas, Haiti and India, the denomination seeks to continue the doctrinal heritage of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and to spread the message of salvation and Biblical holiness that John Wesley preached.

Alabama-Florida-Georgia Annual Conference

Eastern Annual Conference

Mid-South Annual Conference

God has called The Southern Methodist Church to glorify Himself, fulfilling its role within the body of Christ by carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and by spreading Biblical holiness to all people after the example of John Wesley and the early Methodist movement.


Our mission is to proclaim the infallible, inerrant, authoritative Word of God, reaching out to all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, inviting them into a personal faith and a loving, Christ-centered fellowship, discipling and equipping them unto spiritual maturity, and together worshipping God personally and corporately, all through the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer.

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